Educational Services

As mentioned on other pages of this site, we indeed started life as a Kiln Service company back in 1982. However, to be more specific, we started life as an Educational Kiln Service company, looking after the kiln rooms of Local Education Authorities the length and breadth of the British Isles.

As Local Education has changed, we have kept our service department focused on still offering the same level of service to what is now, the individual school.

We can offer the following services to schools and education establishments.

  • Kiln repairs
  • Kiln inspection and Health and Safety reports
  • Annual Kiln service and Health and Safety check arrangement
  • Kiln instruction
  • Kiln relocation
  • New kiln supplier
  • Control repair and replacement
  • Supply or servicing of potters wheels, pugmils and other art room equipment.
  • Kiln room refractory items such as batts and props etc.
  • Engineers CRB checked and certificates carried.
  • Thousands of schools, colleges and Universities on our existing data base.
  • We are the prefered kiln service and supply company to many of Britains Local Education Authorities

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Education Services