G37 Knightsbridge Wheel




Delivery quoted is mainland U.K. only.
Delivery is by independant transport. Please be aware that this is drop off only delivery.
The wheel is attached to a pallet so make your own arrangements to remove and to site.


Features Include:

  • 12" Alloy wheel head
  • Sealed bearings
  • 0.5 Horsepower motor
  • On/Off switch
  • 25kg clay capacity

The G37 Knightsbridge wheel is one of our most popular wheels, it is light and compact so that it can easily be transported in the back of a modern hatchback. The Knightsbridge potters wheel uses a 1/2 Hp motor which is controlled by the same control unit used in our more expensive potters wheels, this provides unrivalled power and torque in a wheel of this size and offers a extremely quiet and smooth operation. The wheel is completed by a remote foot pedal which is fitted as standard and the wheels ability to reverse rotation at the flick of a switch. The picture shows the Knightsbridge fitted with its optional seat. The seat is not standard allowing you, your choice of seating.

Technical Data  
Motor 1/2 Hp
Wheel Speed 0 - 300 rpm
Electricity Supply 220/240 volts AC Supply 1 phase 50 Hz
Wheel Head 12" Aluminium
Splash Tray Moulded Plastic
Width 470 mm approximately
Height 680 mm approximately
Length 630 mm approximately (excluding optional seat)
Weight 40 Kg approximately
Centering Weight 25 kilos of clay
Construction of Cabinet Powder coated Mild Steel