G31 Power Wheel




Delivery quoted is mainland U.K. only.
Delivery is by independant transport. Please be aware that this is drop off only delivery.
The wheel is attached to a pallet so make your own arrangements to remove and to site.


Features Include:

  • 12" Alloy wheel head
  • Sealed earings
  • Aluminium & Steel cabinet
  • 0.5 Horsepower motor
  • 25kg clay capacity
  • Stop/Start switch
  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Forward/reverse direction

  • The G31 Power Wheel is a sturdily built all metal wheel designed to provide a long trouble free service . The design lends itself to either studio or home use and is also ideal for the educational environment due to its compact and robust design. In order to eliminate the constant need for care and attention the power wheel has been contrusted of aluminium and steel. This wheel will withstand the hard use, undamaged that is so essential a requirement in the college or school environment. The seat is foam filled simulated leather and is fully adjustable for height. The control of the wheel is via remote foot pedal that can be pre-set to maintain the speed of the wheel head, it also enables a teacher to control the wheel from a comfortable position for the student. The wheel is fitted with a reverse switch to enable the wheel head to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise for the left handed thrower.
    Technical Data  
    Motor 1/2 Hp
    Wheel Speed 0-300 rpm
    Electricity Supply 220/240 volts AC Supply 1 phase 50 Hz
    Wheel Head 305mm dia aluminium 20mm thread
    Splash Tray Moulded plastic
    Width 450mm approximately
    Height 580 mm high approximately
    Length 1120mm approximately
    Weight 64 Kg approximately
    Centering Weight 25 Kilos of clay
    Construction of Cabinet Aluminium and Steel