G27 Special Needs Wheel





Delivery quoted is mainland U.K. only.
Delivery is by independant transport. Please be aware that this is drop off only delivery.
The wheel is attached to a pallet so make your own arrangements to remove and to site.



Features Include:

  • 12" Alloy wheel head
  • Sealed bearings
  • 20kg clay capacity
  • 0.5 Horsepower motor
  • Specialy developed for special needs
  • Wheel chair access

The Gladstone Special Needs wheel has been designed with quality, reliability and ease of use in mind. Incorporating many of our standard features whis wheel comes with a few extra advantages, the splash tray and wheel head are standard size but the whole section can be moved up and down by using the crank handle to adjust it to suit the height you require. With the wide splayed legs you can locate a wheel chair or normal chair to a comfortable position for throwing. Use the screw down feet to stabilise the wheel, whilst unscrew the feet and the wheel becomes easy to roll about to be put to the side out of the way or moaved to another position.

Technical Data



1/2 Hp

Wheel Speed

0 - 300 rpm

Electricity Supply

220/240 volts AC Supply 1 phase 50 Hz

Wheel Head

12" Aluminium

Splash Tray

Moulded Plastic


1230 mm approximately


1000 mm approximately


830 mm approximately


145 Kgs approximately

Centering Weight

20 kilos of clay

Construction of Cabinet

Steel frame work