Kilncare in Sweden!

We are very proud to
announce that we now have
an official distributor for our
kilns in Sweden.
PMC Sverige are based in Uppsala
Sweden and are Glass art and PMC

We welcome Rolf and his staff on board
and we are looking forward to a long and
happy relationship with them.

PMC Sverige
Bergsbrunnagatan 20, 753 23 Uppsala, Sverige
email leverans@pmc.se
l 0046 (0)18 121 131 


The New Cub-fuser
Is Launched.

We are delighted to announce
that the new Cub-fuser is now live.
The Cub-fuser is, we believe, the
largest kiln in the world that will exactly
follow the recommended firing schedules
of glass from the major art glass suppliers.

The huge 510mm x 510mm x 225 chamber is
fired using only 3kw.

Details of the Cub-fuser can be found here



Merry Christmas.

We are now closed
until 9 a.m. on Thursday
the 3rd of January.                          

We will monitor emails and
Facebook occaisionally however
in case of any emergencies.

We would like to wish you all a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


The Cub-fuser-D
is now live and joins
the "fuser" clan.

The latest new kiln from
us is the Cub-fuser-D.
Effectively a reduced width
Pro-fuser-D, it is identical in
every way except for the witdh
which is reduced to 510mm.

The Cub-fuser-D is the first of our
kilns to feature the unique KVX
electronic over temperature protection.

Also, the Cub-fuser-D is the first of our
kilns to benifit from a four year guarantee
on all parts including the elements.

The Cub-fuser-D is truly an industry leading kiln.

As with all of the "fuser" familly, these kilns can be
purchased directly or from one of our excellent agent
companies as are listed on our distributors page here.

Find details of this exciting new Kilncare kilnhere


The head of the "fuser"
familly takes a bow.

The NEW Kilncare Grand-fuser
is now officially live.

As in true Kilncare tradition,
the Grand-fuser has undergone
extensive, in the field, testing prior
to its release with four of the units
installed at Glasgow University  Those
four units have been worked relentlessly
since they were installed 18 months ago
or so with perfect results and no reliability

The top of the "fuser" famiily, Grand-fuser, has
an internal size of 1300mm x 800mm x 320mm
and is 12kw single or three phase and Neutral.

As with the Elite-fuser and Deluxe-fuser, automatic
motorised roof vents are an option.

These kilns can be purchased directly or from
one of our excellent agent companies as are listed
on our distributors page here.

Find details of this exciting new Kilncare kilnhere


The Elite-fuser, King of kilns
is released.

The long awaited release of the
third member of the extremely
popular Hobbyfuser and Pro-fuser
family is now Official.

The Elite-fuser, with internal dimensions
of 1020mm x 800mm x 320mm, is for those
artists that out grow their Pro-fuser or simply
need a kiln with a much larger capacity.

Find details of this exciting new Kilncare kiln here

Kilncare sponsor elite artists.

We are proud to announce that
are the main sponsors of a group
of British artists that are taking their fine
creations and knowledge to Holland at the
Dutch Design Week 2015! The Klokgebouw
17 – 25 October

Max Jaquard, Dawn Bendick and Peter Stopler
will be promoting British Art Skills there and we
sincerely wish them the very best of luck in their

Pay them a visit here.


Kilncare on Skype

To help with our increasing
International presence we have
opened up a Skype account,
primarily to aid in communications
with respective agents and distributors
in various regions.

However, there may also be some of you
guys that prefer to contact via Skype so here
is our Skype number.

0044 161 8188606. Kilncare.ltd


Kilncare Down Under

We are proud the welcome
Blue Dog Glass in Melbourne
to the Kilncare fold.

Blue Dog Glass and Kilncare have
been setting this up for some time now
and Brenda and the guys at Blue Dog Glass
are a real pleasure to deal with and EXTREMELY
knowledgeable with regards to glass.

I think they are going to do very well, we are already
shipping units to them for sales they have made.

Email: info@bluedogglass.com.au
 03 9551 3227
58 Carroll Road Oakleigh South, Victoria 3167, Australia.


The International Festival
Os Glass.

We are proud to Officially
announce  that once again
we will be sponsoring this years
International Festival of Glass at Stourbridge.

The International Festival of Glass
a celebration of glass work from around the
world.  It features world class exhibitions,  
including the prestigious British Glass Biennale
(28 May – 28 June); a series of glass making
masterclasses (25 – 27 May); and a four day public
Glass Festival.  The four day public Glass Festival
(28 – 31 May) has a full programme of open studios,
exhibitions, workshops, talks and demonstrations and family
activities which take place at the Ruskin Glass Centre and venues
across the Stourbridge Glass Quarter, West Midlands.

Entry to many of the Festival venues is free, although charges for
activities may apply.  Ruskin Glass Centre entrance fee: £5 adult day
pass, £1 child day pass, £14.50 four day pass, (28 – 31 May only). 





Following on from the huge success
hat the Pro-fuser has been we have
taken notice of feedback and customer
request and The Pro-fuser-D is now available.

It uses the same chamber as the standard Pro-fuser
but the floor is recessed taking the internal height by
105mm to 330mm.

Pro-fuser and Pro-fuser-D details can be found here.



We are absolutely delighted to
announce our latest overseas outlet,
this time in France.

Stefatelier Vitraux are based in
Domgermain, France and have a
glowing reputation in the realm of French
Stained Glass, as well as being a major supplier
of glass and art materials.

We see Stefatelier as a company that operate in
a similar manner to ourselves and as such, we think
this will be a very good pairing.

Stefatelier website is here

and you can visit them at

Stef atelier,
57 Grande Rue,

Tel 0033 38363518 or 0033 950501518


We are excited to announce that
The MAG range of Flat Bed Polisher
/ Grinders and the WESTI Horizontal
Polisher / Grinder are now officially
on sale.

We have spent a great time of time and
resources in making sure we got these new
models as good as was possible.
We sort the input of some major figures in
British glass whilst going through the design
stage to ensure these units were great to use
produced great results.

View the MAG Flat Beds here
and The WESTI here.

Kilncare in Ireland

We now can happily announce
that our Official Distributor for
Ireland is Pangur Glass Craft.

Pangur Glass Craft are based in
Ballyjamesduff in Co. Cavan, Ireland
and have been working the Glass scene
since 1986.
They are not only suppliers of glass art
supplies such as the glass itself, tools, books
and equipment but they also run workshops and
offer advice and technical knowledge.

The Pengur Glass Craft website can be viewed here.

Pangur Glass Craft.
1 Lime Tree,
Co. Cavan,
Tel. 049 8545118
email access is via the "contact us" page of their website.

We welcome the good folk at Pangur and hope that this is
the start of a long and happy working relationship.


Kilncare in Finland

We are extremely pleased
to announce that Kerasil OY
are now our Official Distributor
for Finland.

The Nordic art supply giant has
been selling a selected range of ours
for a few years but has now progressed
to be our ...representitive for their country
taking on board our full range which will filter
its way into their range over the coming weeks.

Kerasil offer a HUGE choice of Art materials and
equipment, however, for the time being you will
need a grasp of the Finnish language to fully appreciate

We wish the guys and gals of Kerasil OY all the very best
and hope that being the main distributor of ours in Finland
will help them to succeed further in the future.


Kilncare in Scotland

We are now proud to
announce that Stained

Glass Supplies, Glasgow
are now official agents of
ours in Scotland.

Stained Glass Supplies become
our latest new outlet as our
continues to grow.

They are a Glasgow based company and
offer over 40 years of combined glass

Stained Glass Supplies are not just a glass
supplies shop but also a workshop and
service provider from their Verrier Studio.

Find them at
Stained Glass Supplies Ltd
Unit 8
77 Hanson Street
G31 2HF
0141 556 5700

Kilncare go Dutch
We are extremely happy to announce
that Jock's Glasatelier, a Glass Art supplier, 
in Oosterhoult, Holland, are now our National
Distributor for The Netherlands.

Jock's Glass have been selling our Bead Cube
for a number of years and they have decided
to expand their range to now include the complete 
Kilncare range of glass kilns.

We are particularly pleased with this appointment as
we already have a good relationship with Jock's Glass
but also believe that their good reputation in The Netherlands
compliments our own here in the U.K.

Also, like ourselves, Jock's Glass is a true family business with
Joyce McGillivray and her Dad, Jock sharing the helm.
"Jock's Glass is a shop based in the Netherlands. Its a real family
business as it's father and daughter working together. Jock started
the shop in 1993 and Joyce joined in 2005 and still love every minute
of it!
 Our work is very versatile because we make stained glass, make glass
beads and teach different classes in working with hot and cold glass. And
we have a (web)shop in Oosterhout, The Netherlands where you can buy everything you need to work your glassmagic."

We wish Joyce and Jock of Jock's Glass all the very best and hope being the
main distributor of ours in Holland will help them to succeed further. 
Find them at
Jocks Glasatelier,
Mauritstraat 2-4,
4905 AL Oosterhoult,
0031 162 427670,


HOAF Gas Glass Kilns

We are pleased to announce that we
have introduced the renowned HOAF range
of gas fired kilns into our already extensive
Glass Kiln range.

HOAF Gas Kilns have been proven in the industry
since 1968.

These wonderful units enable Glass Artists to fire
their creations from a simple, standard Propane bottle,
which opens up a whole new world to artists who have
a problem with installing a large electrical supply for a kiln.

Take a look at our HOAF  range here.


International Festival
Of Glass

We are once again proud to be supporting
this years International Festival of Glass in
Stourbridge this year.
As part of our support package we will be supplying
the Festival with its kiln requirements for the Extreme
Fusing Masterclasses.

Come along and take a look, as always, it will be a fantastic event.



Kilncare.tel is a simplified version
of our website designed for mobile
phone viewing.

It holds all the basic contact details for
us, an "about us" and some brief product

Smartphone users especially, will now find
getting in touch with us a much easier experience
whilst they are on the move or away from their PC.

New 2012 Hobbyfuser

The Hobbyfuser has had it's first
major upgrade for a number of years.

The Hobbyfuser sits proudly at the
top of the plug in glass kiln market and
the new changes only strengthen its position.

The lid now has purpose built, stainles steel
coil spring assistance and 2 handles. Lifting and
closing the lid is so light that it is now a single
finger operation.

The lid also gets a new style catch.

Read more here

36 months guarantee

To coincide with the launch of
The Silverline we are extending
our "all parts" guarantee to 36 months
on all of our FK range kilns and The Eurofuser.

Silverline launch

We are proud to announce the
Official launch of the Silverline
fusing ans slumping kiln. The most
advanced production fusing and slumping
kiln we have ever had in our range.
Stainless Steel, Automatic motorised vents,
"infra red" elements and Solid State Relay are
all standard features.
See more here.


We now have our Twitter site up
and running to compliment our existing
Facebook one.

Between the two sites you can keep up
with all the goings on here at Kilncare.

Follow us on Twitter here

The One-Stop-Kiln-Shop.

Following on from our announcement
that we now sell Nabertherm Top Loaders,
We have struck further deals with Micro Fusion,
Potterycrafts and have further deals in the making.

We aim to offer our expert knowledge in kilns
to more than just the kilns we produce ourselves.
A place where the customer can feel confident that
the kiln that they purchase, is for sale here because
it deserves to be and not because of the profit margins
that are in it.

That is also reflected in our pricing stratagy, not only will
you be purchasing a kiln from the most specialised team in
the U.K. but you should also be paying less for it.


And now 3 Years guarantee on
The Bead Cube

As with the Hobbyfuser, we have looked back
on repair jobs carried out on Bead Cubes and
the results have given us the confidence to extend
the guarantee period to all Bead Cubes to 3 years.

In keeping with our reputation for top customer service,
the guarantee is for all parts and it will also be back dated
to include all Bead Cubes sold in the last 3 years

3 Years guarantee
on all Hobbyfusers.

We have monitored our after-sales work
on all Hobbyfusers since the first one rolled
off the line almost 8 years ago and we have found
the results remarkable, well, actually almost none existant actually.

Such is the lack of faults in this kiln model, we have
instantly increased the ALL parts guarantee to 3 years.
This also includes the elements which is very rare indeed
in the kiln world.

Also, the new 3 year guarantee will back date, effectively
increasing the guarantee on all Hobbyfusers purchased in the last three years.