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undefinedWhatever size, shape or style of kiln you require, we can build. Previous specialist orders have included, Copper expansion kilns, Lost wax Kilns, Quartz process kilns, Gradient Kilns and Transfer testing kilns to name a few. Simply [Contact Us] with your requirements, and we will be happy to discuss a kiln that will suit your very needs.

In the spring of 2001, we were commissioned by the world renowned Professor Zora Palova of Sunderland University to design and build one of Western Europe's largest purpose built Glass Casting Kilns.

The criteria for the order was to produce a kiln that was incredibly even in temperature, be able to cope with cycles of up to 8 weeks, and be strong enough to withstand loads over 2 ton. The result is stunning. The "MOOG" internally ist 2.5m x 1.5m x 0.8m, has two 3m vertically lifting sides, and now graces a brand new glass studio at the University.

On the 7th of October 2003 the University of Sunderland Glass Department began the firing of Britains biggest single piece of cast glass to date in the "Moog". It is the first in a series of six, and the mould alone contained 1.5 tons of plaster mix. The piece was finally removed some 6 weeks later and cold working began. Both the piece and the artist have since been featured in many of the industries publications.

The "MOOG" boasts state of the art features:

  • 5 Zones of control.
  • 2 Electronic over-temperature devices.
  • 3 Electric dampers (Independently controllable).
  • Side, Front, Back, Roof and Floor heat.
  • Our unique element failure system.
  • Monitoring systems that can even detect a damaged wire in the circuit.
  • Hydraulically lifted doors.
  • A mould monitoring thermocouple (with digital display) that is adjustable to the surface of the mould.
  • A control set up that communicates with each zone whilst checking/adjusting the kiln every few seconds.
  • Low power warning indicators.
  • Automatic extraction control.
  • Near silent operation.

"As you can see, that fact that we were considered for such a prestigious order, is a testament in itself to our reputation as being the Country's leading kiln manufacturer."

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