Carrie Paxton
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I bought a eurofuser last year. I bought it to replace an old laser kiln, but now use both alternately. I use your one for initial frit firings and the old one for trace slump firings.

Generally, I make functional glassware for Galleries and shops throughout the UK but when there's time I like to draw directly onto glass and make personal projects.

Originally, I was a graphic artist but studied Architectural Glass at Edinburgh Art College. After completing my degree in 1999 I did a post grad in Design.

My inspiration is 1950/60's design. Particularly Fabrics and wallpaper design, I like the restriction of colour and the miss matched register of colour separation in printing from that period.

I only work with float glass with applied frits, enamels and occasionally lustres.

I sell my work throughout the UK.

I have a face book page which shows ongoing work

and a tumblr page which shows all work