Ken Howell
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Ken Howell studied for his MA at the University of Wolverhampton. He has achieved notable success in the field of Glass Sculpture and won the West Midlands Arts: New Work and Production Award in 1997. Merry Hill owner, Chelsfield, Sponsored Ken during his MA Studies. "The Legger" is Ken's first piece of public sculpture.

undefinedThe Legger is a product of a collaboration between Academic, Industrial and Commercial partners. It celebrates the Local History, Industrial Past and Culture of the area through its favourite material, Glass.

The piece shows a Character "Legging it" through a canal tunnel on a barge carrying its cargo of chains, and is a tribute to the individuals that worked the intricate canal system in and around Birmingham and the Black Country. The Sculpture is based, in particular, around "The lord's Tunnel" and the 3rd Earl of Dudley.

The traditional elements including the figure were sand cast at the University of Wolverhampton. The water, tunnel arch and 370 glass bricks were cast at the Stuart Crystal Factory. The use of local materials including handmade chains, steelwork and contemporary glass making, ensure that this Sculpture gives a flavour of the Black Country's Working History on a subject that is of immense importance to the local area.

 "The Legger" was was fired in the custom designed [KK1 Kiln]


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