Julie Anne Denton
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Contraceptive misconception

Walking on Egg Shells - back

Is a sculptress who works predominantly in flameworked glass, she runs her own small studio in the Isle of Man and makes bespoke craft items for individuals and art for display in museums and exhibitions throughout Europe.

Julie Anne Denton opened her own studio after receiving her honours degree in Glass and Philosophy from Wolverhampton University.

Of her work Julie Anne Denton says “My work uses natural light and shadow as an aid to its eternal and translucent qualities. How a piece changes during the course of a day is wonderful.”
In 2001 Julie did her apprenticeship with Venetian glass master Emilio Santini in the United States and since then she has assisted many other masters in her field.

She teaches her craft all over Europe and as far as the States and her work is sold in Liberties and the Tate Britain among others.

To contact phone 01144 7624 473116 or email jewels173@manx.net