Anne Collins
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"A large wall piece consisting of two identical mirror image polished planks of seasoned wood cut from an American ornamental hardwood tree; Locust -Robinia (Pseudoacacia).  The internal shape reminded me of the Moorish influences on some of the windows on properties along the coast of the Costa del Sol, in particular the shapes on windows and window trellises found in El Hambra, near Granada.

I have created a fused glass insert consisting of images of the setting sun, blue sea and sky, and the colours of the mountain that is immediately behind Estepona.  The glass insert is boxed in and surrounded by a thin strip of LED lights, which bounce off the crumpled silver foil back.  This creates light and depth to the piece.  You can almost feel the heat of the sun as you look at it.

It is hung from the wall by a sturdy chain."


Anne Collins-Warm Glass Art
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